Once upon a time, Tamar had a high paying job, but was still struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t afford a healthy lifestyle because quality organic produce simply wasn’t available at a reasonable price.  But when Tamar decided to grow food for herself, sadly the information available online was too scattered and general for her particular locale.

Now determined to learn to garden, Tamar offered to volunteer at local community gardens, but was consistently turned away.  At this point Tamar lost hope on ever being able to successfully grow her own food and fell into a deep depression over the frustrating need to fight so hard for a healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle.

March 2014: Sherry’s garden begins

During the same time, Tamar’s friend Sherry was learning how to grow a vegetable garden with her housemate, a long-time gardener. Under the wing of her mentor, Sherry gained invaluable experience and helped make the vegetable garden thrive.

Sept 2014: Sherry’s garden flourishing

The spark of hope returned when Tamar visited Sherry and she decided to join the team at Enrich LA, a non-profit that focused on creating school gardens.  This was where she first met Shana, whose involvement with school gardens not only greatly improved her knowledge of plant care but also allowed her to see first-hand the positive effects of gardening on schoolchildren.


Thus the seeds of creating Manifest Garden were sown, and Tamar invited Shana and Sherry to join her on her quest to help school gardens flourish by providing tools that make recording and sharing plant information online easy.

With the number of food deserts increasing around the country, it is a moral obligation for Manifest Garden to help give people a way to grow fresh food themselves. Our goal is to make gardening information as extensive and readily available as possible so that anyone can be successful at growing their own garden and live happily forever after.