Bye, Bye Plant Journal. We’re Moving to Open Farm!

We’re excited to hear that there are like-minded individuals out there who are already creating their own plant journal type of software. has done a lot of work to document plant care at different stages.

Our current journal software will be deprecated in favor of the supported openfarm code. The code is written on Ruby/Rails. Volunteers will have a better understanding of app framework (which an existing team is actively using).

Why did we make the switch?

  • We do not want to re-create the wheel.
  • The framework has a team to support it, that Manifest Garden is not solely responsible to provide.
  • The code can be put back into openfarm’s master branch to improve the existing software, thus contributing to the open source community.
  • It is a great opportunity to learn the Ruby/Rails framework. So many other tools that we use are written on Rails.

Check back on this site to get updates on when we will roll out a version of on our site.

Plant Journal Alpha 0 is ready! (closed)

Good news, everyone!

The Garden Journal website is ready for alpha testing and we are looking for people who are currently taking care of a plant, be it in a pot, in the dirt or hydroponically. We can also use testers who aren’t growing anything and just want to be part of the software testing process.  There’s room for developer and production experience as well.

Joining is an “invite only” process. Signup at to register. You will receive a confirmation email with login and instructions after approval.

Thank you all for supporting the project so far. The community is going to be the largest asset this organization will rely upon and we cannot do it without your help!