Manifest Garden aims to provide a welcoming place where people can share their tried and true growing methods and enable each other to troubleshoot their gardening issues as well as see patterns particular to their climate zone.

The benefit?  For fellow gardeners to learn from each other how to make their gardens grow and flourish.

The opportunity?  To be part of a vibrant community of people passionate about growing things and making this a better and healthier world!

How are we approaching the problem?

Did you ever wish you knew someone who could tell you that ONE secret to keeping your strawberries alive (even though you thought you were doing everything right)?  Then join our mission!

We plan to assist community gardens and agricultural institutions in recording and submitting information on plant cultivation that may prove useful and vital to a beginning gardener’s success. As more information is collected and patterns reveal themselves, the more accurate the educational material will be.  We invite everyone and anyone to share their gardening experiences with us!

What is the result?

Gardening is in itself a very therapeutic and fun activity, but the number of people lacking access to green spaces means that many people do not know how rewarding it can be.

Budding gardeners will be able to use our website as a reference and start their own gardens with more confidence, knowing they are supported by a potentially global community of like-minded people.

Manifest Garden could bring a higher level of analytical data on plant growth and behavior that could be useful for educational purposes, from secondary school all the way to university-level research projects; likewise other gardening applications could utilize the data to create more accurate readings and offer better tips.

Get Involved

Would you like to contribute your skills to Manifest Garden in a more impactful and proactive way? Then volunteer and join our team!  Sign up Here to get started.

Board Members

Tamar Zeithlian – President

Tamar_bioWhile heading the research of ocean fauna and flora for theBlu, a web ocean experience by WEVR Labs, Tamar began to understand how important a self-sustainable environment is. She then noticed how difficult, expensive, and time-consuming growing a garden can be and had a burning desire to do something about it; a few years later, Manifest Garden was born.  Through her employment in video game companies such as Electronic Arts (EA), and Wemo Media (WEVR), Tamar has gained extensive experience in technical art, game design, software production, and web development, and has managed teams of artists and programmers all over the globe on various digital entertainment projects. Now with Manifest Garden, Tamar hopes to marry her technical expertise with her vision of building a healthier world, one garden at a time.

Logan Mora – Vice President

loganWith 10 years of Systems Administration and Dev Ops experience, Logan Mora looks to bring in new ideas and brand awareness through social media and search engine optimization. Logan has built websites for over a dozen non-profits whom he believes has potential. Logan hopes to see the Manifest Garden into a finished product with his business development experience with his findings on organization structure and development pipelines.

Sherry Chow – Secretary Treasurer

Sherry_bioSherry has loved gardens ever since she can remember. She volunteered for a number of years at the New York Botanical Garden’s Institute of Economic Botany under Dr. Michael Balick, and had the opportunity to help cultivate a full vegetable garden for Ananda LA.  Her experience in film and video game production management gives Manifest Garden an edge in volunteer and community outreach. Sherry is thrilled to be part of the team and share her love of gardening through Manifest Garden.




Shana Baiz

Shana_bioShana has experience in non-profit development and program management, as well as volunteer management.  In her role as Development Director at EnrichLA, she secured grants from organizations such the S. Mark Taper Foundation, Goldhirsh Foundation/LA2050, Flora Family Foundation, Eisner Foundation, FoxGives, and Whole Foods.