Manifest Garden’s mission is to help make gardening accessible to everyone by bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who wish to cultivate the earth with love.

Our goal is to help gardens everywhere thrive by providing an online reference and open forum where individual gardeners, school gardens, and community gardens can come together to share and troubleshoot their experiences.

Sharing information is the #1 priority.

Why Gardens?

In the age of processed foods and fast food restaurants on every corner, it is more important than ever for people to connect with the source of their food in a hands-on way.

42% of low-income adults in LA County are food insecure

61% of all adults are obese or overweight

72% of restaurants are fast food establishments in South LA

Join us!

Manifest Garden has wonderful software and grant development opportunities. We strive to match our process with professional industries involved in the same fields.

Communications among all levels are open and transparent. Our development process is advanced and all of the software we use are open source. This provides a lot of opportunities for volunteers to work on software that is also used in other development environments.

Join a great cause while improving your skillset.